Henry’s Birth Story!


Yesterday I posted a few pictures of the birth story of my friends’ little baby boy.  Well I have finished editing them all and posted them over to my other blog Life Exquisite.  I’d love to have you check them out!

If you are interested in learning about birth photography I have listed a few sites that I studied up on before Henry’s arrival…




There are tons more out there.  I searched and scoured the internet when I found out I would be capturing the birth of my friends’ son.  I looked at images, read, looked at more images and read some more.  I practiced using my camera in low lights and played with my cameras settings until I felt comfortable.

I still have a ways to go, but I think I did pretty good for my first time at capturing a birth story!  Looking forward to learning more though!


Working On Something New!

I know it’s been a super long time since I’ve updated and I am so sorry!  I’m working on turning my photography hobby into a part time job.

I’ve been lining up close family and friends to build a photography portfolio and studying up on just how to build a photography portfolio (here & here are a couple more how to’s).  Reading more photography tutorials, than I normally do and I’m diving into some free online classes (Here’s a list of them I found on Pinterest!).

I’m excited to start sharing some of the photos I’ve taken but can’t do very many yet, but I’ll share a few from my favorite session so far.  It was yesterday when I photographed my friends very new baby boy at the hospital just moments after his birth…

P1260150 IMG_3302 P1260127 IMG_3309

As you can see I am still very new in the learning process bur I felt so blessed to have bene a part of my friends’ special moment!  Congratulations Dad and Mom and welcome little man!

*Note that I already have a name for my photography business “Life Exquisite Photography”.  I decided to take the name of my other blog that you are welcome to take a peak at if you so desire at lifeexquisite.wordpress.com . It’s very eclectic, not geared towards photography as much but towards my life.  Someday, hopefully soon once “Life Exquisite Photography” is a full on fledged business I will be combining the two blogs into one, but until then, keep coming back here for some more photo fun:-)  

Spontaneous Mini Easter Session!

I keep seeing pictures like this on Pinterest…

…and think that it would be really cute to try out.   So when my youngest asked me yesterday if she could try on her Easter dress I took advantage of her being dressed up and got out my camera!

By the way, this little cutie just sewed this little egg bunting up on Tuesday.  It was her first sewing job and I think she did really great!  It’s been hanging from our dinning room window, not her bedroom wall, as featured in these pictures.

Enjoy and be inspired!


I love faded, vintage colors in photos, so you may see that a bit in my photos.


Oh, those eyes!  Too blue-tiful!

Scattering Jelly Beans for some Easter fun!


She had the idea to grab a tea cup to put some jelly beans in and I think it made for some super cute pictures!


I love to capture my kids little feet and hands in pictures.  They are just so precious!


I have learned to use as much natural light as possible.  I think natural light is the best lighting and makes for the smoothest, most beautiful skin tones and vibrant colors.  So if there is a word of advice that comes with this post, from this amateur mom photographer, it’s let the natural light pour in!

Thoughts Of Easter

Easter is on Sunday and if you’re like me you like to capture your daughters in their adorable easter dresses or your son all spiffed up for this spring time holiday.

Here are some pictures I took last Easter.  I was just learning my camera so they aren’t the best but I still like them:-)


P1050181To get four kids to smile nicely and look at the camera all at the same time is almost impossible. I’ve learned to be content and work with what I get.

They were able to at least look at Daddy and smile for this picture of just them!


My youngest daughter looking for Easter eggs and G’pa and G’ma’s!



Last year we had abnormally beautiful weather for Easter.  This year we have abnormally cold weather for Easter and will still have snow on the ground so all our activities will be in doors.  This has been making me scour the web for some indoor photography ideas.

Here’s what I came up with…

Grab A Chair!

Eggcelent Poses!

So Bunnyful!

For those of you who happen to be blessed with beautiful spring weather, these are some adorable pictures!

Once it get’s warmer I want one of my youngest daughter like this last image here!  So pretty!  And you just have to click on the photo of the little rain boot clad girl gathering her eggs to check out all the photos.  It has really inspired some ideas for what I’d like to capture this Easter!

*Click on all images to link you to their original post or as close to it as I could get!

Hello & Welcome

I love photography!  LOVE IT!!!  I am not a photographer but I like to pretend I am as I capture my kiddos in the cutest way like this…

The Four Of Them Together!


Now that I have a nice camera I’m able to take their Birthday photos myself!

My Oldest Daughter Last Spring!



My Second Eldest This Fall!


My Son Last Spring!


My Youngest Daughter In January!


This fall I got a super nice tripod and captured our family pictures myself!

We used this one for our Christmas card…


I also was able to capture one of my favorite pictures of my husband and I on this same day with the help of my tripod…

P1200199 2

Capturing my family as they are being completely natural is one of my favorite things to do with my Mamarazzi self!

Like when my baby girl is sleeping or just being her cute little self!


Or When My Son Is Being A Daredevil or Catching Frogs!


My Second Oldest Daughter Being Her Squirrely, Girly Self!


My Oldest And Her Artistic Ways And Being The Best Big Sister!


It’s posts like this and more that I want to bring to you.  My goal for “For Cuteness Sake” is to show you not only my amateur photography, but to show you things that I’ve learned, am learning or want to learn.

I will also show you my favorite family photos from other blogs and sites on line and Pinterest too!

I’m hoping that all of this will inspire your own inner photographer, whether you’re an amateur like me or a professional (Though I find it highly unlikely that I’ll be inspiring and helping any professionals.) and help you to find ideas for your next family photo session or new ways to capture you children in pictures.

Please offer feedback regularly so that I know what you are interested in and enjoying so that I can continue to bring you more and follow me on this fun road of photography!